By registering fora Blues Baby Blues you are agreeing to the following:

The rule!

All of the festival venues are fully licensed. Please do NOT bring any alcohol into these venues. There has been trouble with people doing this in the past and it has caused the organisers a whole world of hurt. Bags will be checked for alcohol and any found will be confiscated and drunk by the organisers after the festival. You may also not be permitted entry! Please be aware that this behaviour makes the venues VERY ANGRY and they won’t have us back!

Safe Spaces Directive

We have a Safe Spaces Directive. Please read it here

Being rude to our staff and volunteers

DON’T DO IT. Our team are working hard to make sure you have a wonderful weekend making some amazing memories and providing a fun and safe place to be. Please don’t be rude to our team either in person or via social media. SP Festivals have a ZERO tolerance policy on this issue. You WILL  be asked to leave and you won’t be permitted back to any workshops or parties and you WON’T be given any refund. It is also possible you won’t be allowed back in future years.